Monday, May 16, 2011


After six years of going to school and after a bizillion homework assignments, late nights, presentations, tests, projects, and studying when I'd rather be doing anything else..... I'm finally done! Caleb and I graduated the same week, which was really fun!  I graduated from the U with a degree in Economics. 
Caleb graduated as an Aviation Technician from SLCC's Aviation Campus. 

I'm so proud of him!  He has spent so much time on work and school since we've been married and he still got the best grades, he was even on the Dean's List and was featured to represent the aviation department during graduation. 
Everyone asks what were going to do with all our new spare time!?! Were just enjoying having more time together right now but I have high hopes to become this person that cooks dinner every night, has a spotless home, exercises consistently, and starts and finishes cute projects for the home..... but we'll see how that goes :) Caleb is having fun working on his new helicopter and getting it in the air. He'll also be busy finishing all of his FAA tests and then he'll start the hunt for "The Job"

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  1. Yahoo for famous Caleb! And Paige, you look like a million bucks in these pics! xoxox